Opening invocation 

Sit in Ardha Siddhasana (cross-legged)

Facing east (where the Sun rises)  

Eat with right hand

Eat on silence

After done eating do an invocation
and sit for a least 2minutes in silence and then slowly get up. 



Never overload the stomach. Leave 25% of the stomach empty for proper digestion. Otherwise, your body will concentrate all energy on the digestion, thus, making you lose unnecessary energy. We are all energy vibration and you want to keep your energy at higher levels, especially, throughout the day. 

Food is life, thus, bow to the food. 

Eat everything that you make for yourself. Food that is left over, loses its protein and vitamin richness. 

Chew slowly. 

Order of eating

  1. Fruits

  2. Salad

  3. Sweet

  4. Main food

  5. Water (If necessary. Wait 15 minutes after eating breakfast)


Meditate - Eat with your right hand and make the food become you. Clear your head. Any distortion thoughts will negatively impact your digestion. But if negative thoughts arise, just see them and keep doing your best. Remember, at any moment, it is just as is.


Water - According to Sadhguru 72% of your body is water. Only drink the necessary water that your body needs. Don't overload the body with water. Food that you eat becomes water such as watermelon or cucumber. Water is also memory and now we have scientific evidence to prove the molecules structures. Yogis knew about the power of water for many thousands of years. Water recodes a relationship with you and of its environment. If you are sad or happy, it impacts the water. How you drink the water and your current feelings state, impacts your actions. Before you drink water, look at the water and think positively or you can even say positive affirmations. You will notice the impact it has on you. You can know more about water in this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMrQme-DEas


No food between meals - If you go back to human evolution, we are wired to be on survival. This means, that we can be without water and food for several days and still function with high levels of energy. Ideally, we should eat once a day. You can drink water if feeling thirsty. We function better when our stomach is empty and it takes about 4 hours for the stomach to properly digest. If you keep feeding the stomach, you are overloading the system, thus, you burn more unnecessary energy.  Food is energy, that's all. But food is only a small fraction of the energy that we need for our bodies to be sustained. We can draw energy from the air we breathe and exposing yourself to the sun. The mind is instrumental in the energy mechanism. There are Yogis, who haven't eaten or drinking water for several years and they are physically healthy. They have conquered the mind and body where they can easily manipulate their system at their desire. If is cold, they can raise their body temperature and wear minimal clothes or if is hot, they can cool their body system. This is no Guinness Record or becoming superhuman. We all have these capabilities. The body is just a mechanism that we have forgot how to run it.


Positive Food - Eat food that has been exposed to the sun such as bananas, coconut, or spinach. Food like mushrooms which grow under the shade is negative energy food. You want to eat food that will give you energy. If you eat too many spices, onion, or garlic, it raises too much your energy level and disturbs the mind. You want to have a balanced energy level where you can conduct your activities effortless. You want to avoid your energy levels from going too high or too low.  


Negative Food - All types of meat, tea, coffee, spices and sour food. Eating meat is not recommendable. When an animal dies, the animal's trauma remains on the meat, and when we eat the meat, this trauma gets into our system. 


Vegan - Our system composition is to be a vegan. You can simply look at your teeth structure. It resembles the frugivore animals. Frugivore animals eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The carnivore animals eat flesh animals. We are wired to survive as a vegan and not as a carnivore. 


No supplements - Supplements distort the body system functionality. We lack the essential vitamins because we have forgotten how to eat properly. For instance, you want to eat raw vegetables because if you cook them, it loses its nutrients. Your body can produce all the necessary vitamins to keep you well alive. You have to learn your body and know what it needs. Taking vitamins creates a dependency on external products. Dependency on external products creates pain.  Because once you don't have it, you crave for it. Lord Buddha says that all types of dependency create suffering. Why create more suffering to your body, when you can make your body a full metal jacket lean strong machine :-)


No eating or drinking after 10:00 pm
 - If you eat after 10:00 pm you don't allow the digestive system to rest. You want to rest your digestive system when you go to bed. Treat your body like you treat your car.  Your body needs a tune-up at night so it can help you the next day when you are ready to go first thing in the morning. 



Ekadashi - There are specific times in a month when your body doesn't need food or water at all. You have probably noticed some days you eat less than others. Our bodies are closely connected with the universe cycles. The universe cycles have an internal impact on our system. Ekadashi happens twice a month and on these days, you don't have to eat food or drink water. You will notice that you can properly function. Fasting gives a break to your system, allows it to recover, and creates new cells/hormones and it discards old ones. Fasting is also beneficial to your mental strength and creates balance and equilibrium. If you are new to fasting, start slow and build your system gradually. You can have fruits, nuts, and water.  Reduce your food and water intake gradually.