It was 2015 when my life completely changed. After almost losing my life, something happened inside of me that I couldn’t explain. I began to observe thoughts and feelings and questioned who is doing this observation? What is going on? As the days passed, I continued to sit or walk for hours observing thoughts and feelings. I enjoyed design thinking so I drew things that I began to observe. During this time, I had no clue about yoga, meditation, or awakening.

I had many questions and I didn’t know to whom to turn. I didn’t know that I was entering an unknown ocean. I decided to leave to Asia to find answers to inner questions. I never thought when I left my apartment in Manhattan, New York City, that I will be creating a website on my inner journey. I still remember the day I left JFK Airport because I had no clue if I will ever come back to the U.S. or what will happen in Asia. I just had a one-way ticket. I left everything behind family, career, friends, and memories but deep inside, I had this feeling that it was the right thing to do now. That it was the right moment. But I was also afraid. 

Well, it didn't turn out that bad as what I thought. It has been a blessing to go out there and explore the unknown. When you enter inwards, it is unknown because there is so much to learn about yourself. I’m in the learning process and have been able to figure out what caused me so much pain and hold me back. I'm working hard daily but now I have a different perspective on myself and yes on Life! I realized that life is beautiful and we can make it beautiful. We don't have to take everything too seriously which I did for too long and now I’m making my life a playground.

As you read throughout the website and learn more about “who I was, my downfall, and how I began to rise again” (, my hope is that my story can inspire others that you can turn yourself around. For me, spiritual work has been a blessing and much that I needed, and it can be fun too! I learned that life has so many turns and I never thought it will turn me into Yoga (not just the physical) but the overall Yoga Dimension ( Well, that was another blessing. I'm not a guru or a yogi; although, some people have told me that I'm on the path to become a yogi. I'm just doing what I need to do and that is all. Without any expectations on return from my efforts.  

I also want to take an opportunity to give thanks to all of those people who have been able to give me a hand along the way in my travels and to my lovely mother who despite her age she was there for me to bring me food and she would go up the stairs to my apartment when I couldn't move after my incident. Thank you to Columbia University Police for your assistance. And my special thanks and gratitude to the New York State Office of Victim Services, Manhattan District Attorney Office, the New York City Police Department, New York City Grand Jury, New York Department of Health and Medicaid Office, New York City Fire Department Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, and New York City Detectives Office. They were extremely supportive during the crime incident and afterwards. I don't have enough words to say to them as in each department they were extremely caring about my recovery and well-being. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much and God Bless you for continuing protecting the lives of New Yorkers. 

And special thanks to Steve Jobs. I found inspiration reading his autobiography in 2015. His early life path was an awakening for me and I surprisingly followed. It was through him where I began the connection with Buddhism and Hinduism. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to lived in Palo Alto, California where he lived. I lived walking distance from his house. I visited his house on the weekends and I just felt peace in the surroundings. And I’m also very grateful to have lived very close to Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page, two other people who served as an inspiration. 

So join me and let's have fun going inwards and see what's beyond.

Thank you for reading my website and I wish you my sincere best.