I completely changed after almost losing my life. It was here when I decided to look inside. Something was happening that I couldn’t explain. I began to observe a separation from my thoughts and feelings. I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know to whom to turn. I spent many hours researching the internet which took me in all kinds of directions, read books, watched YouTube videos and documentaries, and listened to podcasts. I felt I entered a vast unknown area. Everything that I was reading pointed to India and Nepal. So, I took a chance and bought a one-way ticket first to India and then off to Nepal. I had no plans to return to the US. I sold everything in my apartment and left behind my career, friends, and family. I knew it was the right time to be alone and see what answers I will get. I was tired of living with the character that I build over the years. I wanted to rebuild myself and get a fresh start.


“Trust the process. At any moment, be ready for the unexpected because it is the bridge to the making of your reality. Trust”


So, there I was with no itinerary, I wandered around in spiritual places in India and Nepal. Moved a lot, stayed with local families, lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Nunnery and Hindu Ashrams, crashed in local airports and train stations, and spent countless hours not knowing where to go next and was guided by locals. Going with the flow of the Universe allowed me to be at the feet of Tibetan Buddhist and Indian Yogis. I mostly enjoyed meditating in the Himalayas. And to my surprise, I became an Isha Hatha Yoga teacher.


This video captures my inner journey which took me to India and Nepal.


The decision to take this leap of faith was the best thing. I wasn’t sure what will happen and was scared. I’m grateful for all of the teachings I have received. Witnessing my inner and physical transformation has been surprising. And another surprising event has been to teach wellness which I loved doing. I deeply enjoy helping people. Just as I did when I rebuilt communities in developing countries, now I enjoy helping people rebuild their lives.

Zammai to me is a way to rebuild yourself and find your inner greatness. It is the inner greatness of joy, cheerful, and enthusiasm that we all have at our disposal. When you tap into it, life will function the way you want it. And I think this is fantastic. It is never too late to start and begin to “Feel The Experience.”

My Best To You and I Welcome You To Zammai.