When I first went for an inside transformation I used anything to motivate me. I listened to motivational speakers, read inspirational books, watched motivational videos, and listened to podcasts. Never I knew, I will lead me to a spiritual path. It was challenging the first few months and many days I needed something to keep me going. During this time, I wasn’t practicing yoga, so I used music’s the adrenaline to give me that positive energy.




“Give everything you have, any effort counts to your ultimate destination, and whatever happens, know that you did your best and let it go. Life has many turns and sometimes other things are prepared for us that we never thought of. Enjoy the process of life.”


Keep In Mind

You are greatness 
You are determined 
Any effort counts 
You have God on your side 
 Be tough and courageous
Exhaustion is for the weak mind and body
Determination is for the strong 
It is possible because you have greatness
It is not over yet, It can’t be over yet, and It just can’t 
In the end, is just you and no one else 
Be inspired and act on it
Enjoy the Energy Vibration and Make The Vibration Your Own Making






Trying hard now, It's so hard now, Trying hard now, Getting strong now, Won't be long now, Getting strong now, Gonna fly now, Flying high now, Gonna fly, fly, fly...


Rising up, back on the street, Did my time, took my chances, Went the distance, Now I'm back on my feet, Just a man and his will to survive , So many times it happens too fast , Don't lose your grip…


Two worlds collide, Rival nations, It's a primitive clash, Venting years of frustrations, Bravely we hope, Against all hope, There is so much at stake, Seems, Our freedom's up, Against the ropes…


Try to be best, ‘Cause you're only a man, And a man's gotta learn to take it, Try to believe, Though the going gets rough, That you gotta hang tough to make it, History repeats itself…


I'm not afraid, To take a stand, Everybody, Come take my hand, We'll walk this road together, Through the storm, Whatever weather, cold or warm Just letting you know that you're not alone…


I'm gonna make a change, For once in my life, It's gonna feel real good, Gonna make a difference, Gonna make it right, As I turn up the collar on my favorite winter coat , Wind is blowin' my mind…





Stay Hungry

Win At All Costs

Winning Is A Habit

You Will Win

The Dark Knight Scene Prison Escape

The Death Crawl


Fighters Win

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Steve Jobs, Keep Looking

Rocky... Never give up!

It Is Possible


Be A beast

Rudy, Changes His Mind on Quiting