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Yoga is a natural state of being. It is a way to live life joyfully with full intensity but at the same time, be at ease and calm. Yoga is a reflection of your inner world or called it a being. Yoga is "Made from Within."  Yoga is not about being acrobatic. The physical only prepares you to experience something unexplainable. Submerged yourself beyond the physical to find the inner silence within. Yoga is a journey into the unknown. 

You might already be doing yoga without noticing and fall under the 4 Paths of Yoga. If you volunteer to your local organization or doing any type of social impact, you are doing Raja Yoga. If you launch a startup and are active in scaling your company without being attached to the results, then you are doing Karma Yoga. If you study sacred texts or are grateful for God's support in your life, then you are doing Bhakti Yoga. So, you are already doing yoga without doing the physical. 


4 Paths of Yoga

Bhakti - Devotion


Devotion. Be a devotee of your God. Being grateful for what God has given you. Always remember him, he is next to you. 

Jnana - Right Wisdom


Wisdom. Ability to distinguish between right and wrong. When you lead through the heart, you never go wrong.

Karma - Action w/o fruits of the action


Action without fruits of the action. From any action you take, whatever the result is, see it "as is."



Moral discipline; Study Sacred Texts (i.e. Bible); Asanas (postures); Control of breath; Concentration; Control of Senses; Meditation; and Enlightenment.





When I graduated from the Isha Hatha Yoga School, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to teach right away. I continued to focus on doing my daily practices because I entered Sadhana (spiritual path). Since coming back to the US, I've come across many people who want to practice but they don't because mainstream has portrayed yoga as an acrobatic exercise. Unfortunately, in mainstream, there is a conception that yoga is only “Physical” and some people see yoga as a fashion trend. I began to research what is happening with Yoga in the US. I used the human-centered design method (empathy) and submerged myself in the current yoga culture. I began to explore yoga in areas where is very popular such as Silicon Valley, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New York City. I observed yoga studios, yoga meetups, attended well-being events, looked at what is being posted in YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, explored the yoga and meditation apps, observed yoga in the park summer events, and the studied the overall commercialization. I was surprised at the different types of yoga practices on the market. I spoke to random people on the streets on their well-being and what are they doing to bring balance to their body, mind, energy, and emotions. I separated the people I interacted in four categories: (Current Market) those who are currently practicing different yoga styles; (Tier 1) soon to be practitioners who use a gym and have thought about practicing yoga but feel intimidated because of the postures; (Tier 2) people who are not willing to give yoga a chance because they believe it is too expensive - clothes, yoga mat, classes, and organic food; and (Tier 3) I met retirees to investment bankers who at one point of their lives engaged in physical activity but no longer doing so.


I used Kim & Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Shift model and adapted it to my observation on the Yoga industry.


From the Current Market to Tier 3, there are thousands (millions if you look at the overall yoga market in the US which is approximately 36.7 million yoga practitioners and the number will go higher globally) of people misinformed about yoga and meditation and it really concerns me. Why it concerns me? Because imagine you buy a Lamborghini but you only drive it at 15 mph when the machine’s nature is to run at full speed. This means, whatever you are doing it doesn’t bring you the ultimate benefit. People are curious about yoga. People want to try yoga. With the right approach and teaching, there are thousands of people who are willing to jump the “Ship” and begin a true inner journey. I think this is fantastic. The fact that at least I have Tier 1 to Tier 3 to work with, really motivates me.

So I decided to open myself and offer what I have learned to you out of my caring - this is my offering to you. Yoga is more than the physical. Yoga had a tremendous impact on my self-transformation. I truly believe we all have an inner potential and I would like to serve as a bridge for your inner greatness. I would love to see your self-transformation. If you give yoga a chance, you will discover the magic it can do for you. Yoga is just pure simple if you allow it. Is not about breaking your muscles, being acrobatic, being experimental, or give you pain. Yoga is about going slow inwards and gradually you begin to poke at things inside of yourself that will leave you in pure blossom ecstasy. If you keep up with the practices, you’ll begin to see life differently. With the right alignment, whatever you do in life, it will just feel effortless. You’ll begin to control the senses thus blocking any judgment, fear, anger, doubt, and other negative tendencies to rise. Your level of awareness will prolong and you’ll begin to experience a calmer mind allowing you to experience more the present moment. It is in the present moment where consciousness the “Creator” manifests itself. It is consciousness the ultimate peak to reach for anyone who practices yoga. Yoga can take you there, to a path of true liberation away from all that is pain and suffering created by the restless mind when it leaves the heart. Lord Buddha always said to his followers to never bow to him because that fact he reached enlightenment doesn’t make him any special. We all have this potential to reach the ultimate liberation. All of us have it inside. For some, it is deeply buried and for others is ready to come out. Karma plays a strong factor in how quickly you can see the benefits of yoga. Yoga will help uncover what needs to be uncovered.

Submerge yourself with Yogi Ancient Classical Hatha Yoga which is as “Simple As Is.”  





Trained under the guidance of Sadhguru - Yogi, Mystic, Visionary, and Self-Realized Being ( Sadhguru incorporates ancient yogic techniques to today's modern-day life into his teachings. I spent 21 weeks breathing Classical Hatha Yoga day in and day out at the Isha Ashram in Coimbatore, India ( I'm very grateful to the Isha volunteer teachers for their loving, kindness, and compassion, and most important their patience to witness my inner and outer development. 





Teacher Training Course

Daily Practices


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Well-being Teachings






An ancient yogi physical fitness practice that gives you the ability to use the body involving the floor as your own gym. It invigorates the body by gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs, and other parts of the body. It opens the path to reach higher peaks of mental and physical wellbeing. And it rejuvenates the physical body muscles, circulatory system, skeletal structure, circulatory system, nervous systems, and the basic energy system. You gain mastery over the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether).


  • Balance and Equilibrium to Body and Mind

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Take Resolute Action

  • Build Physical Strength, Fitness, and Tenacity

  • Strengthens the Spine and Skeletal System

  • Builds Muscle Tone

  • Weight Reduction

  • Brings Inner Sense of Lightness and Freedom





Surya Kriya

Known as the mother of the Sun Salutations. A potent yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed to bring health, wellness, and complete inner well-being. It brings balances to your energy flow leading to stability to the body and stillness of the mind. It provides a foundation to explore higher dimensions of life. 



  • Develops Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Takes you to Deeper States of Meditation

  • Balances Hormonal Levels in the Body

  • Builds your Awareness

  • Remedies Weak Constitutions

  • Boost Vigor and Vitality



Asanas (posture) an inner physical dimension of yoga which transforms the body and brings calmness to the mind. Asanas are not exercises or aerobic. Out of the 84 Asanas identified by Yogi Masters, I teach 21 postures that makes you explore the subtleness processes to manipulate your energy. It prepares to the much anticipated "Union" with God. When you are closer to the God, your natural state of being begins to change to joyfulness, blissfulness, healthfulness, and above all, balance.


  • Gradually Eliminates Compulsiveness

  • Builds Awareness and Consciousness

  • Relief of Chronic Health Conditions

  • Evolution of Body and Mind towards Higher Dimension 

  • Stabilization of the Body, Mind, and Energy system

  • Deceleration of the Aging Process

  • Develops Endurance 




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Upa Yoga

Brings simplicity especially to those who live a very busy life. A simple powerful system that activates and rejuvenates the joints, muscles, and energy system. It dispels inertia and brings ease to your whole system. Upa Yoga activates your energy system that will get you ready for your day ahead by bringing alertness and liveliness. It is also known as "pre-yoga."


  • Relieves Physical Stress and Tiredness

  • Strengthens the Joints and Muscles

  • Brings a Certain Balance to your Body 

  • Rejuvenates the Body after Periods of Inactivity

  • Negates the Effects of Jetlag and Long Travel


Flexibility & Agility



Surya Shakti

Surya Shakti is another sun salutation that focuses more on the physicality of the body. An aerobic practice that brings tremendous physical fit to the body. It brings tremendous flexibility to the body. But most important it builds a strong spine which allows you to stay full active with intensity and not allowing the external environment to have a penetration on you.


  • Builds Strong Spine

  • Enhances Perception and Clarity

  • Activates the Spine for Proper Energy Flow

  • Brings Flexibility, Agility, and Lightness 

  • Develops Balance to the Body 

  • Lowers Blood Pressure


Other Well-being Teachings



 Specific Needs

  • Pregnancy

  • Rehabilitation (Post Heart Attack, Post Stroke)

  • Restricted Mobility

  • Spine Strengthening

  • Weight Reduction

  • Yoga for Children

  • Attention and Memory

  • Bhutta Suddhi (Cleansing 5 elements)

  • Cardiac Strengthening

  • Corporate and Startups (Achievement and Relaxation)

  • Free Intro Yoga Talk

  • Jet Lag



When you come to my teachings, is not about only the physical. Instead, is about bringing the whole yoga dimension to you, so you can:


Rebuild - Discover - Your Greatness


My teachings are offerings, thus, I only take donations at your own desire. So, give it a try and see how Classical Hatha Yoga can remake your life.
I look forward to helping you and getting to know you. I believe in building a friendship so we can all help each other. 

Be Your Own Making.

Have a Blissful Journey!





I believe, anyone can do yoga.

If interested, I will be more than happy to help.


Photo: The Beatles Ashram - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rishikesh, India.

Photo: The Beatles Ashram - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rishikesh, India.

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