Zammai Bringing Yoga to New York City. Welcome Brooklyn!

Somewhere in Brooklyn, New York City

Palante means "Keep Moving Forward". Like Zammai, keep moving forward. Brooklyn, New York City

Well, what a changed it has been moving from the West to the East Coast. But this is all familiar to me since I spent many years living in New York City. The only difference is that I see New York City with new eyes. Before I lived in Manhattan and now Brooklyn. I took a late flight and only slept two hours when I was in transit in Chicago. My body felt fine with lack of sleep and this is another positive benefit from my yoga practices. I did Upa Yoga when I was in transit so that I can active my joints, muscles, and energy system. Also to dispel inertia and ease my whole system. After my practices, I felt alert and ready for the last part of the journey. I didn’t know how I will respond when arriving in New York City. All I knew whatever will rise, I will see it with serenity and calmness. I never expected to come back to New York City but somehow things come up in life and now I found myself getting closer to New York City. Arrived all well to La Guardia Airport during rush hour and now rather than taking the bus to Manhattan, I was taking the bus to Jackson Heights, Queens where I took the subway to Brooklyn. And to not of my surprising, the subway was delayed, we had to changed to another subway. Oh yeah, some things never change with the MTA.

Graffiti a common art in Brooklyn, New York City

The hot and humidity, oh how much I miss you - not really. Well, this is the East Coast weather. I arrived in the morning and then I settle down and took a walk around the neighborhoods. I walked a lot looking for Coop Farmers Markets. I found a Whole Foods not that far from where I’m living. I really enjoyed walking around all of the neighborhoods. I saw many organic coffee shops and small local markets. I think the word “organic” is very popular.  I saw local delis advertising “organic products” so I was curious and I went inside, and I just saw the normal “bodega” stuff. I chatted with a worker from a local Coop Farmers Markets who oriented me where else to look for farmers markets. So there I go again, I kept walking and walking and it has been a while since I heard so many people speaking Spanish - this is when I passed by the Puerto Rican community. Then a few blocks later, I’m in the Jewish community, a few blocks later I’m in the African community, then a few block later I’m around the startup community, and a few blocks later I’m around Wall Street workers who couldn’t find a place to stay in Wall Street and settle for Brooklyn rather than Jersey City.  It was a completely melting pot. The farmers markets are small but I found one that you have to work a couple of hours to be able to shop at market. But it came down to Whole Foods and further down Trader Joes where I will be doing my grocery shopping. Not too far from where I live there are a several yoga studios and the Iyengar Yoga Institute is close by. I chatted with a Yoga teacher who is running the Veterans Yoga Teacher program in cooperation with Lululemon. She teaches yoga to veterans who went to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and have post-traumatic stress disorder. A great initiative and I know Yoga will make a positive impact. I wish I knew about Yoga after I came back from Iraq and Afghanistan. And yes, this is Brooklyn and there are some neighborhoods that you can still get the retro vintage feeling. This is New York City a melting pot of all races and you can see it in the Subway, the neighborhoods, and wherever you go. A bit different from Los Angeles. It is New York City where things move fast. It is New York City where you are always running behind on time to catch up with life. But this is the mind. I walked to Trader Joes during rush hour and everyone is walking fast rushing to go home to escape the heat and humidity. And I’m there just walking mindfully seeing everything “as is” in this moment with serenity and calmness, grateful to be back and giving this opportunity to do great things for New Yorkers.

So Zammai is now in New York City and it is here where I will begin my teachings and whatever else comes.