Your Competitive Advantage and Be Mindful

What is your trade-off? What is your competitive advantage.? What is your opportunity cost? Focus on what is important, the rest will take care of itself. Be calm, mindful, and win with the heart and not the mind.

Saw on display the first business book (Michael Porter — On Competition) I read during my self-transformation when I visited Capgemini HQ in New York City.

Be smart on how you tackle your daily goals and move forward into your vision. The mind will try to keep you trapped with secondary things. Don’t listen to the inner voice. As much it tries to protect you, it is irrelevant. Don’t listen to your gut because it just gives you a feeling from the past. The gut feeling is just a memory feeling and it can betray you while the heart will not.

Follow on what is important and the rest you will be able to do it in a matter of time. Don’t rush or be impatient as this is a negative tendency. Recognized your weaknesses that you don’t know everything. Delegate to others what you don’t know. Allow yourself to be ignorant and this will give you the freedom to learn from others. Within ignorance you find wisdom.

And yes, the old saying is true: Play smart and not hard. Go always for quality, not for quantity. Run your operation with compassion and driven enthusiasm that it can replicate within your team. Be inspirational and others will follow you. Be a teacher, mentor, and student.

If the weather permits, when it comes for 1:1:

  1. Do your 1:1 outside with a nice walk and be mindful on the other person’s perspective.

  2. If you are solving a conflict, use the right words: “What if”. Example: What if we can take your idea and we can include this as well…? If the person refuses, I used my 25% bargain. Can you give me 25% of space to reach a compromise? And you still keep 75% of your idea. Most likely and it has worked for me when I ran large operations as former Senior Public Executive, the person will say yes. Once you are in, you can slowly gradually begin to bring your other 75% that you couldn’t’ compromise. The idea is to get you inside the other person perspective, reduce tensions, and see how things may progress. You can always bargain and you might realize that you were wrong and that is okay or the other person might realize that he/she was wrong and that is okay too. The goal is to keep away any pitfalls in the operation and don’t lose focus. Bargain with compassion and mindfully..:-)0

  3. Pause a few seconds before responding.

  4. Don’t take it personal.

  5. Don’t make wrong assumptions.

  6. Don’t listen to the inner voice.

  7. Be more personal not formal.

  8. Lastly, smile and tell a joke to break any tensions! Just relaxed..

Remember, the outer world is a reflection of you. If you are a CEO, your staff and company is just a mirror of your personality. This is what separates the great CEOs from the ones that burnout and are micromanagers. In the end, work will consume a major part of your life, why not make it fun and effortless. Don’t make it hard. The remedy: always do what you love, if not, then life will be hard. I learned this the hard way and it paid my mistakes.