Wherever You Go, Your Inner Silence Awaits You

Even in one of the busiest city in the world like New York City, there still time to pause and just breathe inside. Although my eyes are looking at the New York City buildings, my attention is inwards while my eyes gradually become blind from the objects until it vanishes. Chelsea (Manhattan - New York City) 

My spot where I meditated for long hours in the Himalayas. My body heat gradually created a foundation. I climbed the mountain every day. During this time, I put myself in austerities and I ate very little. I ate twice a day and without water on some days. And I was still doing Yoga practices for 8 hours. This was one of the toughest parts of my self-transformation - reducing the amount of food while still being physically active. I was in silence and spent time reading sacred texts. I climbed to the top of the mountain with intense hot weather. During this time, I lost a lot of weight and for many days, I thought I will pass out because I felt dizzy for the lack of food and water. I spent many weeks with body aches and they were everywhere! I was still adjusting sleeping on the floor and that made it a bit more difficult to sleep. In the beginning, it was uncomfortable meditating because the aunts and other insects kept biting me. But then I got so used to it that it didn’t bother me anymore. I struggled in the beginning especially sitting flat on the ground in a cross leg position without any support. It took me some time and yes some horrific pain on the legs but gradually as I became more flexible, my body became more subtle with nature. But in the end, it all went well. I was still alive and it all just pass and then I was off to India again for the Isha Hatha Yoga School!

When Sadhguru launched his inner engineering book a member of the audience asked him a question. He said, which places in Nepal and Tibet he can go to clear his mind. He was planning a trip very soon and wanted to meditate and be away at peace. Sadhguru said to him that inner peace is inside and not outside and that you can be in the busiest places such as New York City and still find inner peace. The great Sages and the Dalai Lama said that you can’t escape the mind and it will go wherever you go. When I began my self-transformation, I left New York City with the hope just like the audience member who asked the question to Sadhguru that if I’m with nature my mind will be at peace without being restless. Even if I was in an Ashram or in the Himalayas meditating my mind was still restless. When I was in the Himalayas mountains meditating my mind was restless from the bird sounds or even from the aunts and insects that bit my legs. But as I progress with my practices I was able to put my mind more at ease and I just welcome whatever moment is now. Because whatever moment is now, we should see it “as is.” When you work with the mind you have to be patient. It is a gradual process and just enjoy the ride. There will be times when you see progress and other times when you think a particular thought went away and it came back and you can be upset. Eckhart Tolle says that this creates more suffering. And it is true because sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves. Just allow yourself to be “enough” because the effort is what matters. Even if one day your mind is going like a Tsunami with thoughts the fact that you are aware of this - that is progress. Even the intention to sit and meditate - that is progress. Be kind and compassionate to yourself. It is within this compassion where you will also begin to bring down the critical inner voice that hunts many of us. It hunted me for many years especially because I was a perfectionist! We are enough in this reality that we are creating. You are enough and know that. 

When I met people in New York City they asked me what was my reaction been in a metropolitan city after being away for some time. Well, when the plane took off from Los Angeles Airport on my way back New York City, I didn’t know what will happen or how I will respond. I lived for several years in New York City so I know its environment. Prior to coming back to New York City I already put my mind to different tests to see how at ease it can remain and I also wanted to test my progress. I will not go into details because I already wrote about these experiences in my previous blog posts but it all served me well when I arrived in New York City. I remember walking the streets during rush hour and I felt the high fast energy of the streets. It was intense like any other metropolitan city. It reminded me of how I used to be before I enter inwards. I was in a rush always and I ate my meals in less than 10 minutes. Life seemed very pale, just work and eat and yeah that was pretty much it. Well to my surprised during rush hour, I was just in serenity and calmness and I anchor myself with my breath. I just meditated and brought my awareness. I truly believe this is powerful because it made me realized that I can be anywhere and my inner silence remains intact. If we depend on places for our inner silence then it creates attachment. All attachment creates suffering. We are accustomed to looking forward to the "Fridays" or "Weekends" to relax. I remember in the 90’s there was this famous phrase TGIF (Thank God Is Friday). Or we look forward to retirement to relax. I truly believe you can make your day the way you want. You can make your Monday a Friday or a Friday a Monday. The days shouldn’t matter but what matter is the inside. Although I don’t have too much nature like I had in Nepal or India to reflect and meditate, I have been able to find places such as the Brooklyn Bridge to reflect and meditate and sometimes I’ve had moments even in the Subway car or platform where I have entered deep stages of meditation.

If you work and live in places like New York City it is important at times to go outside the city and be in touch with nature. Yes, it will calm the mind because the less noise is in your surroundings the less is for the mind to go restless. Mother nature has a way to give you a boost when you are just in nature and in touch with her. But know that above all what matters is the "Inside." The inside is untouchable and you can make the inside your lake and a forest of abundance. 

So next time you are in rush to go to work, wake up a bit earlier so that way you can do your things more at ease and with less of a rush. The idea is to also keep your organs of action and senses in control and at ease. Just make this little effort and give it a try. You might see something different!

And if you ever want to chat on how to go about going inwards or anything else, I will be more than happy to chat with you. Is all about building a community to support each other. I truly believe we all have something special awaiting for us and let's uncover it!

So, enjoy the silence within wherever you are.