The Secret In Life Is Weak Competition

@ A Startup Grind New York City event hearing pitches from startups.

Figure out what your own aptitudes are. Play with your own circle of competence. We did so well while being so stupid. Go where there’s dump competition. Approach life with an opportunity cost in mind. The Secret in Life is — Weak Competition.

- Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett

Whatever decision you make in life, always look at your opportunity cost. Look at what are your gainings from your decision and what you may be giving up. Impatience is the greatest enemy. Don’t listen to the mind as it will trick you to go back to the past. It just wants to protect you. Just tell the mind, to “Shut up” and that now, you are the “Master of your Own Making.”

When you are venturing into the unknown — meaning you are doing something unusual that you have never done, always be strategic on which route you will take. But life may surprise you along the way and may have a little more to test for you. When life tests you:

  1. You might win

  2. You might lose

  3. You might settle

  4. You might regret

  5. You might get angry

  6. You might feel resentful

  7. You might start pointing fingers

  8. You might think about going back to your comfort zone

  9. You might be just blank not knowing what to do next

But who is testing you? Who is this? Is it life? Or is it just your egoistic mind? We tend to think is life. Life is not a person that is doing something good or is against you. You are your making. Life is you. The struggles that you go through are your karmic making. When we venture into the unknown, you burn your karmic structure by going through ups and downs. Unconsciously those who make it burned their karma and see the win at the end of the tunnel.

That win might be your dream. Something that you can realize and it will impact either humanity or just own circle — and that is fine. Les Brown says that the graveyard is the “wealthiest place” in this world. Why? Because many people died with their dreams — dreams of creating products that can make a tremendous contribution to humanity. Fear is what keeps the majority of people from taking the risk and venturing into the unknown. Comfort is the greatest enemy.

Don’t get attached to the results of your decision as this creates more karma. Whatever you do, do it without the fruits of the action. Just remain present in the moment. Because if you get attached from the results of your actions, then you continue to build karma. Expectations create suffering.

When Mark Zuckerberg makes company decisions he is passionless. Some people may say that this is weird, but this is the smartest thing you can do. You do what you have to do, what is needed, and that is all. Be fully involve and intense in your activity. Give everything you can but again without attachment to the result. In Hinduism, this is taught in the Bhagavad Gita. Unattached to your actions is one of the ultimate freedom phases spiritual seekers seek.

So go where there is weak competition. Find out what is your competitive advantage and then go at it with full intensity. You never know what is behind the curtain? Make life your own playground and the rest will just fall in place effortlessly.