A Storytelling for Love and Compassion

Love and Compassion are very commonly spoken among meditators and even now corporations such as LinkedIn are bringing compassion leadership. We even have apps that guide you to build love and compassion. Love and compassion are a reflection of what God is. God is sympathy for all. God reflects itself through love and compassion. As your meditation gets deeper you will begin to submerge yourself with God’s own reflection on you. It is here when you will begin to see your outer world differently. It is here when you drop the body and mind’s limitations and you see everyone as part of you. When you see through the mind, you judge and then feelings based on memory rise which brings for instance - aversion (I like this person or I don’t like this place). The “I” is the egoistic mind that prevents you from going deeper. As your awareness grows and you begin to create a separation from the egoistic mind, then you will find something beautiful and amazing. This beautiful and amazing thing will be love and compassion. It is love and compassion for everything you see. A couple of days ago, when I was washing my face, I paused for a bit and thought on who is making this water run - what is the storytelling? Recently, I’ve been working on Human-Centered Design projects so maybe this is why I was curious for the storytelling. But there are people who probably spent the whole night working around the clock to ensure I have clean running water. I felt compassion for the sacrifice they are making because I don’t know the person who worked around the clock had family issues or was sick but made a sacrifice to come to work to ensure all New Yorkers have clean running water.  Everything you see has a story and there a people who spent hours on the ideation and implementation. Even now, as you read the blog post through either your mobile or in a desktop, both items have a storytelling. In New York City, on the weekends, we have subway repairs so there are many changes on the subway lines. I remember when I lived in New York City before my self-transformation, I used to get very mad because it prolonged my commute. Last weekend, as I was going to the Hindu Temple, I saw many workers working around the clock in a very hot and humid day. I looked at them and I was grateful for their sacrifice to keep the subway lines running during the weekdays. Being grateful is a doorway to love and compassion. You don’t have to look only at the materials things, just look at the food that you eat. For instance, the banana has a storytelling too. It traveled thousands of miles to get to your plate. Where did it begin? Probably in a small village in a developing country and the workers worked tirelessly to feed their family. It Hinduism and Buddhism you do an invocation before starting a meal. It was a way to thank God and all sentient beings for making a sacrifice to bring the food in front of you. In other religions, a praying is also done to be grateful for the food that we have. Next time, you are eating a meal, pause for a moment, ease your mind, bow to the food and just think on those who work to bring the food to your plate and be thankful. You may not feel anything in the beginning but as your progress in your meditation, you will begin to see a subtle changed. Or if you forget to be thankful or grateful for the food, you can be thankful and grateful for the body that you have and are healthy. Sometimes, we are only thankful and grateful after we recover from being sick. You can also be grateful and thankful for the smile someone gave you. Well in New York City sometimes it can be rare when someone gives you a smile on the street :-) but yes, it can happen even in this great and lovely city. I already had moments when I smile at people on the streets and they smile back - not kidding, it can happen in New York City. Maybe for the New Yorkers, I give you this challenge and let me know how it went and what your experience! For some people, a smile can make your day :-). So there are many ways you can begin to cultivate love and compassion. 


A local man carrying a refrigerator which is strapped through his head and back only. This is very common to see in Nepal. Sometimes, people strapped to their heads washer machines or large stacks of cement bags (sometimes I saw women doing this). Wherever this refrigerator landed, it also has a storytelling. Someone who made a sacrifice to ensure you can store your food. This is the storytelling of Love and Compassion that comes from within. 


Love and compassion will come to you and be kind to yourself. When you enter an inner path, you never want to push feelings because the mind will make it harder to you. I will stay away from love and compassion guided meditation apps because it disrupts the mind and brings unnecessary imagination. Whatever rises comes from within, it comes unexpected and you will have your "Aha Moment" to reflect from feelings that rise from within. Remember what you go after always runs away from you. But when you are in a state of balance, center, and serenity, many beautiful things will rise - wait patiently and see. It is here when the Creator is speaking to you. When the Creator speaks, the mind remains quiet and is here when you begin to see life beyond the eyes.