Steve Jobs and What Makes Us Human

I dedicate this blog post to Steve Jobs. You have been an inspiration to me since 2015 when I had a downfall in my life. It is through you, that I found the gateway to living life differently. It is through you that I found Hinduism and Buddhism. It is through you that I traveled to the unknown and began discovering endless possibilities that I thought was unimaginable.  I'm very grateful to have lived a couple of blocks away from your home in Palo Alto. I visited your home on the weekends and just meditated knowing that you once lived in full presence. Thank you for what you have left us. Whether is through books or YouTube videos, you are a true inspiration.

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Steve Jobs and What Makes Us Human

Being a full flesh human being is something beautiful and to be grateful for. When you are experiencing life to the endless it is there when you find so many new ventures that allow you to keep exploring life. It is the idea to keep thriving and developing yourself to disrupt your system internally and while you do this, externally you will see the world you are creating is just a simple manifestation. Everything becomes you and you become everything. Steve Jobs said:

"Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again."

And this is what makes life so interesting, to go beyond. You can write your own journey and build the roads in your storytelling. I always tell people that anything in this life is possible. The impossible is the survival brain and limited mind. People like Steve Jobs knew about Yogic Science from both Hinduism and Buddhism. He knew the ultimate potential that we can adapt to. When I listened to his videos from the 1980s, I was amazed that at his age, he saw the world much different than everyone else. The leaders or the great ones always see everything else different. If you tell them this is what a road looks like and if you take this road to work every day, you will always be on time; they will question it. People like Steve Jobs will probably tell you, is there another way? Why do I have to be like everybody else? Tell me why?

In Yogic Science, the elements of nature such as body, mind, organs of action, and senses are limitations. I call these limitations living a life based on memory or simple enough your karmic impressions. Everything that you do, for instance, how you act in a situation is just a reflection of your past experiences. All of your thoughts are also a reflection on previous experience. The inner voice that we have is also an expression of your past experiences. Through your senses, if you are aware enough, you will notice that everything that you see, it is quickly processed in your system and then past memories or feelings rise as thoughts. Same goes with your intuition. Your intuition is only a reflection of your past experiences.

But you can go beyond your limitations, especially the mind. The mind is powerful and if you use it well, it can do wonders for you. As humans, we have the power to go beyond the mind and yes, it is possible to control the mind. Steve Jobs said that when your mind is calm, you will begin to hear something subtle that is unusual but beautiful. In Yogic Science, it is the "Divine" who speaks to you through the heart. You can never go wrong when the Divine speaks to you. This is not your intuition. Dr. Joseph Murphy calls it, Creative Wisdom or Infinite Intelligence. It is a feeling that if you follow it, you can never go wrong. It doesn't feel heavy or makes you doubt. When you act upon it, everything feels effortless and your energies are just in a constant alignment and flow with the Divine. If you really feel it closely, this feeling doesn't come from your gut. It will come from the heart. Thomas Edison said that he never listened to his gut for ideas or the limited mind. He meditated and always followed the heart before he acted. It is within the heart that amazing ideas rise that will surprise you. Some say I had my "Aha-moment" or "Wooh" I can't believe I had this awesome idea. It is in this situation when you are beyond the limited mind. It is here when you begin to act on something unusual. This is the reason, why I'm involved in the startup ecosystem because I enjoy being surrounded by storytellers, designers, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, investors, and artists who challenged the limited mind. Maybe they are not aware of it but that is okay the effort counts. 

Dinner guest names and connecting the themes and insights @ DSL Columbia University School of the Arts, Frankenstein AI.

Over the weekend, I attended an AI storytelling event hosted at Columbia University. To break us in a group we had to write in an index card the name of someone (dead or alive) I would like to invite to a dinner party that I think has something valuable (good or bad) to contribute of what makes us human? Then we did a Marketplace Conversation where I walked around the room with my dinner guest in plain view and had to form a team based on the conversational alchemy in my perspective dinner guests.

I was surprised to hear the comments of my colleagues because they wondered why I selected Steve Jobs. One lady appeared not to like Steve Jobs at all and I could tell by her body language she was a bit of distress about it. I don't know why because it was just an exercise and that is all. She mentioned that Steve Jobs was a bad father and not likable at Apple. And others were just like, huh? Steve Jobs? Really?

When I see Steve Jobs, I don't think about what others have said, his role as a father, or as a CEO. I can't make a comment on that because I never had a direct experience with him.  What I know and it is visible in his videos such as the launching of the Apple products and inspirational talks, he saw the world differently than many of us. Spirituality played a huge factor in his products. Just recently, I interacted with a startup CEO from San Francisco who's app is disrupting other "Workspace" apps and has been featured as the app to watch in 2018.  I mentioned to him that his product resembled what Steve Jobs always had on mind when developing his products, that is the "Art of Simplicity." Zen Buddhism had a lot of influence on Steve Jobs and it was the simplicity of the Zen paintings that inspired him with the Apple vision and product line. The CEO from the startup thanked me for my comment and he said, that I really get his product. Steve Jobs believed that we live a very busy life and his idea was to make it as simple as is. As simple as the mind can be. As simple as the body can be. As simple as being in tune with yourself. As simple as not being attached to too many things. As simple as it comes from the teachings of Yogi Masters. Life can be very simple if we allow it to be. There is a certain balance or limits that we can put before we become too attached either to the things that keep us alive or the things that we use daily.

I understand if there are certain people that don't like Steve Jobs. The lady who said to me that Steve Jobs was a bad father, on her index card she had written Albert Einstein. I said to her, do you know that Albert Einstein's cheated on his wife? She stood quite and then left to speak to someone else. In this world, you will never be able to please everyone. Even the great Yogis from the past before dying, they were criticized. The Buddha, prior to his death, he wasn't that popular. Many monks left him and he knew what was happening. People criticized him and he knew that. It was only after many years that he became what we know about Buddha now.

Steve Jobs home in Palo Alto, California.

Bought my first Apple T-shirt at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California. This is the only Apple Store where you can get an Apple T-Shirt. Had an amazing customer experience and they helped me locate the new Apple campus.

I think every human being can make an impact in this world. If you are a mother, you are making an impact in humankind by taking care of your child and giving everything you have to ensure your child has a joyful upbringing. Whatever you do in this world, it will have an impact on humanity. You don't have to be Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. You can be a bus driver or deliver the mail and still be making an impact on humankind. Because it is your service and dedication that will make an impact on another human being. And this is the most important action for every human being. Whatever you do in life, do it for the benefit of others and the rest will just happen.

So, yes, Steve Jobs ensured through technology we can begin to experience life more simpler so we can explore other possibilities.

He has passed away and is no longer with us. New criticism on him as a father or whatever else is out there, those comments will rest as well. For the next generations to come, Steve Jobs will be seen as revolutionary just like Albert Einstein. For me personally, I see Steve Jobs from a spiritual perspective and his presence will always be an inspiration to keep disrupting and go beyond on what I can do. It is only then, that I'm beginning to discover new possibilities that prior to 2015, I thought was imaginable.

Thank you Dear Friend Steve, you are an inspiration.

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish"

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