Master Your Reality

Apple Campus One Infinite Loop


Apple New Campus

You are the master of your reality. Either you can be the passenger and allow life to take you on its own course or you can be the driver and decide how is it going to be. After visiting the Apple Headquarters, I thought about Steve Jobs. In the 1970’s he took a journey to India and had a vision of Apple. He knew what he wanted to create. I think if you ask him back then and show him pictures on how Apple would turn out, he will not be surprised. The mind is powerful and he knew about the mind. But for many of us, the mind works against us. We are constantly jumping into the same routine unconsciously and sooner we realized that death is just a couple of minutes away. But we are dying every second and it is our responsibility to make every second count. What amazes me is how someone’s vision turns into reality. But you have to work hard and live into your vision. According to Patanjali (Yogi Philosopher), all desires are stored in your heart. Desires produce pain. You can desire for something and you can either be happy when you get it or get upset if not. And if you get what you want, you crave for more. When you do this, you create your own prison. It is important to not be attached to your desires. If they come to reality just see it and meditate but don’t cling to the feeling. Whatever you desire, it will happen either in this lifetime or the next one. This is one of the reasons why yogis renounce all desires to achieve self-realization. They don’t want to go through another rebirth. Be your own master.....