Make It Happen

Keanu Reeves Super Bowl Commerical - Make it Happen.

The Super Bowl commercial by Keanu Reeves surfing a Motorcycle is a reminder of how we can create whatever we set in our minds ( Whatever desire you have in your mind (something that you have never done before), make sure, you put all of your efforts and work at it. When you do this, guess what, the mind will pull you back because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. The mind is just trying to protect you and doesn’t have a clue what you are trying to do. It just recollects past experiences and based on your internal software, it will try to hold you back and keep you safe, while going in circles. Don’t get upset at it, that is the wiring that we all have. Just see it and go at it. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and your fears are going to be manifested. In the startup community, the word “failure” has become a common word. If you think or have fears that you will fail, it is most likely that you will fail. Whatever you fear the most, it will manifest. If you are a strong meditator, you will not even put labels on the experience. This gives you the freedom to ensure that whatever happens, it doesn’t penetrate you. If along the way there are challenges or successes, you see them but don’t bring duality or become attached to them. If you set in your mind what you are creating will happen and live into the vision and even act as it already happened, it will happen. Everything that you are experiencing is a production of the mind. Take a step back and look at your circle of friends and family. See their personalities, challenges, and successes. There is a strong likelihood that it resembles you. Whatever you are on the inside, that is what you experience. When you are stepping out of your comfort zone, it is when things get messy and it becomes a fight to destroy your old habits. This is the time when you have to be the bravest. 

He Made It Happen.

I visited the Facebook Headquarters and the HP Garage where Hewlett-Packard was founded. The HP Garage is considered the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of Facebook came out from a small dorm in Harvard and HP from a small garage. The founders of these companies dived into their vision. They had challenges along the way but they stuck with their idea. I don’t believe in luck or following your gut.  Whatever you do is only an effect of your actions and this is the reason why I’m not a believer in luck. And your gut is only an accumulation of your past experiences. The difference between Mark Zuckerbeg, the HP founders, and the rest is that they strongly believed in their vision. Their success is not lucky, it is plain and simple - the stronger the thought, the fastest it will manifest into reality. What matters now, is to take charge and be the master of your reality. Be the creator and determine who you are going to be and how is it going to be. 

Here I'm going deeper in spirituality. This whole earth is just a creation of the mind. Creation is "you" who creates the world where we are living. Take a walk and take a note of everything that you have observed on a particular day. If you have been thinking about something that you wanted to do for the past few days, most likely, you will see articles or even posted signs on the streets or as you browse the internet you might even see a picture - don't do this on purpose because you will not notice it. This has to be done while you are doing other things and you will see how it pops into your eyes, and you will get an aha moment. Write as much as you can and it can be anything. The mind through the brain is a magnet to attract anything that resembles you. The following day, look at your notes and look at all of the items that you observed. You will notice that everything that you observed has a particular relation to your past. For example, I lived in New York City for several years. Whenever I walked on a street if someone is wearing a t-shirt with a New York or New York City label, my eyes will directly be attracted to the New York label. It will not even look if someone else is wearing a t-shirt that says, South Dakota. Why not? Because in my internal software, I have no experience with South Dakota. I put this to a test when I began to understand the brain and mind mechanism. Most of us, look through our eyes unconsciously but if you are conscious, you will clearly see this pattern. Whatever you are on the inside is just an external reflection. It is a movie and be the director and superstar, not a stunt-double. 

If you are starting a startup, have a clear vision of what you want to do and see it as a long term. Don’t do it for the money. Do it because you have a strong passion and wake up every day living into your vision. Make It Happen.....