Is Not About How Fast You Get To The Finish Line But The Character You Built

Is not about how fast you get to the finish line. Enjoy the preparation and process. With a one focus mind on the dream and goal, you will get there. Trust and have Faith.


2018 Marathon

An amazing experience watching warriors running the New York City Marathon yesterday and getting closer to the finish line.

A smile of joy when you have work hard day in and day out. When everybody was sleeping, you are out there running and training for one day or once in a lifetime opportunity to run the New York City Marathon. Behind every runner, there is an inspirational story and something to give thanks to them for their perseverance. And yes, with a smile like “Jose” from Spain as he gets closer to a once in a lifetime dream! A smile of accomplishment. A smile of content within. A smile of joy. And in front of Jose, there were thousands of people like me, just cheering them and getting them words of encouragement as they got closer to the finish line.

But it is the character they have “Built” that is most important. There are no shortcuts to run a marathon or in life. Whatever you do, your character must be in alignment to receive what you have been working hard day in and day out. Whatever dream or goal you have, you must have put the hours of preparation. As this goes with the Universal Law of “Cause and Effect.”

Eric Thomas (aka as the Hip Hop Preacher) says:

Let your character catch up with your talent. Just because you have talent, you can go to different places and get many things, but with the wrong character, you won’t be able to keep it. And many people wish they could have started all over again and be patient. And not just wait for the fame or the success, but for the maturity and character to fully develop.

Be a winner. Think like a winner. Prepare yourself to be a winner. Darkness might arise but that’s okay. Just grind yourself through the pain of the body and mind because it is all temporary. You will get there if you have Faith. Prepare yourself and be patient. Don’t rush and take care of your character. I learned my lesson early in my career. Now, I advised the new young generation of managers and CEOs to be a student and don’t let arrogance take over. Learned from others, be humble, and surrender that you don’t know everything. The people who work for you will reflect your character. The time will come when you will run a large operation — it will come. And when it comes, your character will be able to handle the operations.

Take care and address your character so you can handle what you will receive. Know that what you are going after, is just waiting for you to grab it. We all have weaknesses. The Buddha had weaknesses and he went through intense preparation to receive enlightenment.

Just be calm, focus, and go at it with everything you have.

It is YOURS!