Have Faith In Your Guru

Greeting Sadhguru at Kathmandu International Airport, Nepal

Greeting Sadhguru at Kathmandu International Airport, Nepal

When you enter Sadhana (spiritual practice) you enter the unknown. The ultimate path for a spiritual seeker is enlightenment. A spiritual path is the hardest thing a human being can do. Why? Because it is here when you face yourself. You face the identity you have created, what Eckhart Tolle calls the Ego. This is not something easy to do and requires patience and the appropriate guidance. Lord Buddha acknowledged the difficulty and severe pain it can bring to a human being. This is one reason why in Buddhist teachings, the practices are not tailored for someone to achieved enlightenment in one lifetime. It is set up for someone to go gradually and you will get to the final destination but it may take you many lifetimes. However, even in Buddhism, there have been very few yogis who went all in such as the Great Yogi Milarepa and achieved enlightenment in one lifetime. But this is not easy to do.

Paramahansa Yogananda visited Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi in Tamil Nadu and asked Bhagavan, why is so hard for a human being to reach enlightenment. Baghavan’s answer: “suffering is a way to God.” It is the suffering that we have self-created that we must destroy. We are our own making. Lord Buddha said that everything that we see in life is our own creation that is all. We are the makers and destroyers. All the great yogis including Lord Buddha went through intensive periods of pain and suffering to destroy the ego, karma, impressions, and all negative tendencies that we have accumulated over the period of many lifetimes.

I can attest this, as I have entered Sadhana, I myself have gone through intensive periods of suffering — mental and body pains that have lasted for days. Once you create a separation from the body and mind, then it is here when you begin to dismantle who you were. You see the pain body drama which is inflicted by negative tendencies such as fears. You realized that all anxiety, fears, doubts, regrets, and sadness are just transitory feelings. They are all survival feelings that keep us in the fight or flight mode 24/7. It is here in the unconscious state where mostly all human beings live. The mind has taken over our lives and we are the servants rather than the masters. The mind dictates we follow. The thought says and we do. The inner voice says and we obey. The feelings arise and we run away. The body complains and we obey. Lord Krishan says that this is not how is supposed to be. It supposed to be the reverse. A human being is supposed to be the master of the mind and body. It is here when you begin to see life from a different perspective.

So the mind has taken over us but now I see even technology has taken over us such us the smartphone. When I travel on the subway, almost everyone is attached to the phone. I see people pulling in and out the phone. It is here that the mind gets stronger and keeps us as the servant. How? Attachment. Attachment is suffering. Attachment to anything causes sadness or even happiness. The elites in Silicon Valley have realized the dangers of the smartphone and other types of technology that have completely stop the use of smartphones in their homes. If the elites in Silicon Valley know the danger of the smartphone then they are telling you something that has been created and if you overused it, it can cause damages to your system.

I’m not making the mind as the bad guy. Not at all. To the contrary, the true essence of the mind is purity. The mind resides in the heart. When it is kept in the heart, it can do wonderful things for you. The mind creates the reality you are living now. Scientists have confirmed that we live in a constant change pattern. They can attest that all things are particles that keep changing. The mind leaves the heart constantly and is under the impression that everything is changing; therefore, we live under a constant thought trail pattern. The mind can perceive everything that is changing. And when it collides with the ego, then you live the life of impressions you have created from your past. But when you become awaken and create this separation then you will see who you were. Do you act on it or just stay still? Majority of us act on it but those who have become awakened, they just stay there and witness everything as the observer. It is here when you step back and rest in silence when you begin to bring under control the mind. If the mind is calm, then the body is calm, thus the senses will also be calm.

It appears as easy but it is not for many who are working tirelessly to break the egoistic mind. Why? Because the mind and ego will pull at you all negative tendencies and if you are not doing anything, they will throw more and more, until you give up. There were occasions when Bhagavan received spiritual practitioners who asked for his compassion and assistance because they were on the verged on giving up. Many give up and few stay in the path to enlightenment until the end. Some even challenged the egoistic mind to take their body to death. This is the case of Lord Buddha when he achieved enlightenment. After trying different practices to achieve enlightenment, Lord Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and made a promise to himself that he will not get up until he achieved enlightenment or rather die. It sounds suicidal but it is not. To the contrary, Lord Buddha wasn’t afraid of death. He knew that death is just another cyclical pattern of life that we live. For those who are born, death is soon to come. And for those who are reaching death, birth is soon to come. Lord Buddha didn’t pay attention to the body because there is something more important than the body. The body just decays every day. The body is not permanent just as the thoughts. We can use the body as a tool to make this life wonderful. Lord Buddha also realized that rather than continually putting his body through different austerities, he can use the body to keep him strong and continue working for the benefit of all sentient beings.

A guru can help you and give you the appropriate guidance to keep you on the right highway. Some don’t have a physical guru and that’s okay. The great sages and Tibetan Yogis will tell you that your guru is already inside of you, guiding you. It is in silence when you can tap this inner guidance. But don’t be confused with the mind and senses guiding you. You can be trick. The inner voice or feelings of fear or whatever else you are sensing that feels like a negative trait, that is not a guru but rather just the ego and mind. Just observe and stay on put and don’t react to it. Because if you do, you can regret it and find yourself reliving the same situations which most human beings are doing. We are constantly reliving the same patterns.

In silence, you will find the guru speaking to you loud and clearly.