Don’t Put the Mind In A Pedestal

Meditating in Hollywood Hills, California

Oh, the mind. Yes, the mind. I see and hear the power of the mind everywhere in Hollywood. How whatever you visualized you can make it a reality. I even wrote a few articles on the mind, visualization, and finally bring the manifestation into reality. Yes, whatever is on the mind, it will become a reality. Hollywood actors are attracted to the Universal Laws and one story you can witness the power of the mind is how Jim Carrey manifested his first paycheck in Hollywood in the amount of $10 million dollars. The movie "The Secret" and its book is well known in Hollywood. All the motivation videos refer to the mind, mind, and mind. People complain about the monkey mind and there is massive movement on how to control the mind. There is a desperation on how to control the mind. Yes, again, I understand the mind and what it can do. 

But the mind is only an instrument for us to use. Mistakenly we have made the mind the Lord of our life and for this reason, there is so much suffering.  When you create a separation from the mind, you will notice the mind acts on its own. The mind will do whatever it thinks is best for you and it can either ruin your life or bring to reality what you are manifesting. All that is created by the mind is not permanent. It is pure suffering. The monkey mind is suffering and we suffer trying to control the mind. Unfortunately, there is a large section of the population who are the mind’s marionette. And this is very sad. The mind thinks is the lord but the mind is only the servant or slave to your needs. It should only be used at your own will and then shut it. 

If you have a vision board, don’t become attached to it. See it and then drop it, and just wait patiently to see what will happen. But don’t cling to the vision board. A vision board is a board where you put pictures on how your future should look like. And then you begin to work on that vision. You must be careful when doing a vision board. All vision boards or visualizations are desires. A desire is suffering because we can become impatient if nothing happens and sad. But if something becomes a reality from our vision board, we want more and this can create greed. You can see it now on startups as they become bigger, expectations to be always ahead of everyone is high, thus, this competitive mode is another manifestation of the mind’s suffering. We can become a slave of our own reality. Whatever comes into your life, take it, be grateful, and detach yourself from the feelings that arise from the outcome (the outcome is either good or bad). When you do this, you are no longer creating karma. Yes, all that you are putting out there in the universe such as visualizing your future is karma. Karma is action. Whatever you do, it will come back to you at any point. But when you just drop and let it go, you don’t create karma. 


Hollywood Blvd, California


The best advice I can give you is to meditate first, build your awareness and then you can visualize. You can have your vision board but with a strong mindful foundation, don’t become attached to the images that you are sending the mind to create. The mind creates our world and everything that you are living now, it is the mind’s creation. The mind is powerful within its area of responsibility and that is it. It should not control our lives and determine how things are supposed to be. You as your True-Self are the master and the mind is your slave/servant.

Enjoy maneuvering the mind. If you can do this, then life will just be a joyful ride.