Don't Be Afraid And Trust Yourself

Rocky III Scene California

Rocky III Scene California

Rocky’s fear on life and the upcoming match.

Rocky: I don't believe in myself, is over, that’s it.

Adrian: Tell me the truth.

Rocky: I don’t want to lose what I got.

Adrian: What is the truth damn it!

Rocky: I’m afraid for the first time in my life.

Adrian: It doesn’t matter what I believe because it is you that have to carry with that fear inside of you. Afraid that you are coward. You have to settle it and get rid of it. Don’t do it for money but for you, just you. Just you alone.

Rocky: And if I lose?

Adrian: At least you lose with no excuses, no fear. I know you can live with that.

Rocky: How you get so tough?

Adrian: I live with a FIGHTER.

As we start this new year, we have many dreams that we are set out to accomplish this year. Don’t be afraid on the shortcomings or the challenges you might confront along this year journey. They are all fears that are transitory and the mind make us believe is true. Don’t get caught up on what other people are doing to overcome obstacles but focus on yourself. Just you and that is it. You know better your engine than everyone else. Neither your husband, wife, family, or best friend will know better on how to respond to a situation than you. It is just you and yes just you alone. Buddha always said that you are your own making. Your actions and thoughts determine your environment. He strongly believed in the law of cause and effect. Despite that this is a Hollywood script, Sylvester Stallone wrote his scripts from his personal struggles.

In order for you to receive you have to put the work, the seeds, and it will come to you. It must come to you. But don’t do things with the expectation to get something in return because this is the cause of suffering. Whatever you decide to embark on this year, do it for the right reasons, what means to you, what keeps you awake, and what keeps you passionate. Then wonderful things will come to you along the way and yes unexpected. If you expect something in return and if you get into a couple of setbacks, you suffer because that is what you didn’t expect. Sri Ravi Shankar said that if you try to grab it, it will run away from you. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said that if you do things with full involvement without any attachment to the results then that is freedom and power. It is here when you begin to take control of your life. The mind is the engine of our creation and there are many things that it will throw at you to test you. Know that life is not testing you, it is you alone testing yourself and burning your old karma. There is no God or someone else doing something against you. No, and this is a misconception. It is just you alone doing your own making. It is you deciding how to create your world. Being relentless is important.

For those in the spiritual path, they renounce to goals and desires. Because goals and desires go to the mind and it is here when the mind keeps itself busy creating the world you are desiring. Spiritual seekers want to keep the mind in the heart resting. But even here, it doesn’t mean that the mind is not doing anything. To the contrary, a spiritual seeker could be working in startup doing only what is his duty to do such as scaling a company and along the way, everything will flow to him/her effortless. It is the mind resting in the heart that will create all the abundance for you, even without you having any expectation.

Whatever you decide to embark today, persevere in the ups and downs, because whatever you decide to do, if you do it with the right intentions and keep at it despite the setbacks, your vision will come to reality. You will begin to live your reality. And this is wonderful for a human being to say that I’m in control of my life and I can dictate it.

My best wishes to you in this wonderful year.