Put Yourself on Airplane Mode From Your Mobile Device and Calm the Mind

Riding the NYC Subway

Technology is becoming more of an integral part of our lives. Nowadays, when people wake up the first thing to do is to look at their phones. Social media draws us to keep in touch with friends and so on. We have applications that make life easier. If you are looking to control the mind then the magnet of the phone is not good for the mind or the ego (the identity you have created and which keeps you on survival). For instance, on the subways, I observed people with their phones constantly looking at apps and sometimes they turn it off and in less than 2 minutes they turn it back on and keep looking at more apps. Who is doing this? The mind or ego? It is well known that software engineers who develop apps or whatever technology is being put out, they know the functionality of the brain. This is something I learned when I lived in Silicon Valley and their is a growing movement in the valley to bring more mindfulness when using the phone. Software engineers know what triggers the brain when we use the phone and its applications. This is not surprising. Marketing leaders are aware of how we function and from this base they know how to target the consumers. Is all business and I understand; however, there is a great danger on how all of this technology will continue to keep us unconscious. For those who are in the conscious path, they are aware of what this technology does to their brains. We should give ourselves a break from technology at least after leaving work. I’m not advocating to turn off your cell phone and ignore everything because we have things to do. But at least even if is for 30 minutes where you can just be with yourself can make a strong difference.  Too much of a good thing is never good for you. So, don’t make the phone the master of your life. The mind has become the master of all of your habits then why add more?

Relax that if your phone dies, your life doesn’t. Just be the witnesser of all the surrounds you, the air, the sun, the night, and so on. We have so much to be grateful to mother earth for the life we have been given and be part of. Why missing it out.

Pranam, 🙏🏻