Behind a Cloud of Darkness, Your True-Self Lies as a Blue Sky

Whenever you see a range of negative thoughts and feelings take over you, don’t get upset. Stay with them and know that they are impermanent. What is impermanent never lasts and must pass away. The problem that we have is to cling to the ego and get upset and if you do this, then it will be tougher for those negative feelings or thoughts to pass. Even feelings of joy and pleasure don’t last. When you cling to those feelings it can create pain because you are always looking for the satisfaction feeling. We have a tendency to look for material things to create those feelings of joy or satisfaction. I used to buy clothes to make me feel better. This feeling lasted for a day or so, and then I was back again to the old ways. 

Know that behind all of it, there is a beautiful blue sky (your true-self) that never changes. Your true-self is permanent and has been with you for many lifetimes but it is trapped in the body and mind. You are not the body and mind. Unfortunately, when you are unconscious you will not see it. Meditation is a way to begin unveiling your true-self which is existence, consciousness, and bliss absolute. This is permanent and real. Be real and not unreal.

Turn inwards, find your blue sky, and rest on it. Only then you will find Liberation.....