Be The Observer of the Ego and Mind, Sooner a New Chapter In Your Life Begins

Photo Caption: Walking meditation @ Central Park in New York City on a beautiful peaceful, quite, and empty evening.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said that the best way to end your Karma and accumulation of memory is to be the Knower of the Field. Who is the Field? The field are the elements of nature (body, ego, mind, sense organs, and organs of action). If you just stay still and watch everything that plays out by the mind and ego, its influence will begin to deteriorate. Eckhart Tolle says that it is here when its negative energy begins to lose power. 

The mind and ego are tricky. When you think you are at peace, it will come back again with some negative thought to put you back in survival mode. Survival mode means anxious, doubt, procrastination, judging, labeling, rumination, sadness, anger, insecurity, confusion, or stress. This is how humans are naturally brain wire. It will pull something from your memory software to put you in a stage of suffering and survival. That's okay and just see it. Don't resist it. The wise stay put and it is here when you become fearless. Once you passed this transcendent mode, you are in control of your life and become the maker. Sadhguru said that not even an Astrologer will dare to read your life because he/she knows that you have taken charge of your life. You are the Universe and are not bound by the Universe alignment. 

You are the ultimate designer, creator, destroyer, and maker of your life.

It is your making.

Go at it with everything you have and just have fun and why not, give it a smile :-) Once you smile at it, you realized, it was all a dreamzzzzzzzz.