Be Strategic To Make The Mind Work For You

Fireside chat with Sadhguru @ Stanford Business School

Controlling the mind might be seen difficult and might take you this lifetime or many more. What you can do now is change your habits. Once you do this, the mind will gradually cooperate with you. Be strategic and smartly patient.

- Zammai

Storytelling on Sadhguru’s event :-): When I lived in Silicon Valley, the day I was fasting, I woke up early in the morning for my usual yoga practices and for some reason, I had a feeling that after my practices, I should go to Stanford Business School to work on my wellness company. At that moment, I had no idea that Sadhguru will be doing a fireside chat at the Business School. When I arrived at Stanford Business School, I looked up a monitor prior to entering the library and there it was, a photo of Sadhguru’s event. I stood on standby because I didn’t have a ticket. Little that I know, I got in effortlessly and was able to see Sadhguru again. Always bless and an honor to be in his presence. Mostly grateful for having been trained under his guidance on Classical Hatha Yoga.

Mind — There is no need to stress out trying to control the mind. The mind is always restless and enjoys fear. Yogi Masters like Osho said that the mind is always afraid but it knows that if you become awaken and create a separation, that is the end of the mind’s domination over you. Spiritual seekers try many practices to keep the mind under control. The mind is strong and we have made it strong. The mind is supposed to be your servant and not the master. If you try to control it through meditation or other practices, you will get impatient and the ego will trap you and play tricks with you. You can go countless days and even lifetimes trying doing this.

Just relax. What you can do and is under your control, is to change your habits gradually. The mind acts on memory that’s all. So if you change your habits, the mind will gradually begin to cooperate with you and begin to respond based on new habits.

Once you change your habits, then the mind returns to its original nature “servant” and you become the “Master.” Don’t get caught up with what you see in YouTube or Law of Attraction about the Mind and Manifesting Realities. This will drive you insane. Just be your own brand making.

Be strategic and yes patient smartly. Patience is wisdom while impatience leads to ignorance. What are you?