Kindness and Abundance

I spent several years rebuilding communities during the Iraq and Afghan War. Here in Afghanistan — Kandahar (District of Maiwand), always enjoyed helping the youth.

I worked for many years in the Iraq and Afghan War rebuilding communities in the red zone. Red zone was a battle zone location. Here in Afghanistan — Kandahar (District of Maiwand) always enjoyed helping the youth. These are the apprentices’ youth from the First Vocational Training Center we launched in the stronghold and birthplace of the Taliban. It was one of the most dangerous districts during the peak of the war. But despite the danger my civilian and military teams faced, we did some great things for the people. I even wrote a book on my storytelling which was praised by the US Embassy and Washington Elite because we demonstrated that even in the most dangerous places, flowers can blossom.

Wherever you are, even in the most difficult situations, you can always find opportunities to shine and bring hope to others. Despite the impossibilities I heard before going to Afghanistan, I shut off those words. I always go for the “Possible.”

If you truly follow your heart and have a deep passion for the work you, then anything is achievable.