A Smile Can Make a Difference

Wandering the streets in Rishikesh, India.

Just smile at someone either on the street, at home, or anywhere, it will trigger positive emotions to vibrate. Just go about your day with this vibration and it will make a difference.

I never smiled before. If someone from my past sees this picture, they will be like who is this guy! I was always angry and used my anger as a motivation — not the best way. But as I entered the spiritual path, it really took me some time to accept the beautiful new things that I’m receiving and grateful for a second chance to be alive after almost losing my life back in 2015. This was the trigger to go inwards. So, here, yes is me, smiling at the local street vendor in Rishikesh, India. We talked and laughed and loved his white retro shoes! You can’t see them in the picture.

His Storytelling: Well, he has children and has been selling on the local streets for a major part of his life and loves to sign Elvis Presley songs (yeap that’s right!) to the tourists or just anyone who comes in contact with him. He sang songs to me and he told me by singing Elvis Presley songs he learned English.

Even while I’m still in New York City, I smile at people wherever either on the subway or on the streets. Don’t force yourself to smile, just go with the flow because if you force it, then it just loses its meaning and vibration.

So, smile at life, smile at your errors, smile at your wins, smile at your stupidity, smile at yourself, smile at your Halloween custom (Halloween is next week), and smile to whoever.

Make life your smiling playground :-)

Have a happy smiling.