Creativity - Buddhism and Art

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Creativity doesn't come from the mind but instead from the heart. It is when you reach deep states of subtleness when ideas will rise. Some say it comes from your gut. Meditation is a great way to tap into your Creative Intelligence or Divines. When you feel it, act on it and you will notice that everything that you do will just feel effortless. Use meditation to tap into your Creative Intelligence. Feel your breath and all the sensations. Never resist and just allow whatever rises to rise. The egoistic mind will challenge you and that is fine  -  allow it. Remember that the egoistic mind is only trying to protect you or keep you to your limitations (memory  -  only what you know). Just let it go. If you stay on it, you will see that once you pass the barriers of the egoistic mind, a subtle feeling will begin to rise and it is here where you want to stay on it.

Someone asked Thomas Edison how he came out with new ideas. He said, " I never listened to my mind because it only gives me what I already know. Instead, I sit on a chair for hours just going inwards waiting for the spark soft voice or inner feeling. It is from here that I will act and make this happen.”

Here Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche explains the how meditation can help you tap into your Creative Intelligence.