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A self-transformation journey and offers simple and elegance wellness practices. 






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Made Within

"Mastery of Simplicity"

It is the simplicity of my teachings where you find elegance, mental and physical strength, and balance.



Surfing the unknown

Hacking the Brain

It was day in and day out that I studied for hours many materials to rebuild my system internally and externally. My goal was to untapped what I was missing out. If it wasn’t for my downfall, I would have never discovered this enriching knowledge. I read books, self-transformation articles, and journals; watched documentaries, business and spiritual channel; took online courses; followed YouTube channels; and listened to podcasts.





I travel constantly and enjoy writing. Whatever I see and feel, I just pull out my notion app and start writing at the moment whether in the NYC subway, in the Tibetan Monasteries (Nepal), visiting Silicon Valley startups, or Santa Monica Beach in California. Writing is a way to be in touch with your heart.


Enjoy The Silence Within



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